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What’s your food mood? Feeling light & crisp or seriously hungry?
Serving fresh food since 16th October 2016, we strive to source the best organic ingredients for our delicacies. We work hard to source premium ingredients and cook everything from scratch with love.


Eating out at a dosa restaurant is always a lot of fun.
Having an option of 65+ dosa choices to choose from goes a long way in making informed decisions about what dosa to have from the menu! Indulge in the delightful experience of our 65+ dosa journey through this video.
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Krishna's Dosa Kadai
Our healthy breakfast options at Dosa Kadai offer innovative choices for every occasion – a family breakfast, an intimate morning meal or a light business breakfast. We have it all covered.
Krishna's Dosa Kadai


We believe that, 'NOTHING BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER LIKE GOOD FOOD'. Our delicious dinner menu is created using only the finest seasonal and authentic ingredients. We have a relaxed approach to dining, giving a vibrant choice of cuisine to our guests.
Krishna's Dosa Kadai


Dosa Kadai offers delicacies from the South including wide varieties of cuisines and 65 varieties of Dosas.
For authentic lunch, let the chefs at Dosa Kadai indulge your appetite with some tasty and healthy food palate.


Finding inspiration and developing a great plated dessert is amazing in itself. Hence, we are happy that you’re here. Go through our list of simple and healthy dessert choices. made 'Just for you'! Our desserts are all made with love & worth waiting for, so save space for more and more.

Welcome to Krishna's Dosa Kadai.

We present you our food video blog section filled with fresh, and zesty recipes made just for you. We hope that the recipes here inspire you to try cooking new dishes in a new way.
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