About Us

Krishna's Dosa Kadai

What’s your food mood? Feeling light & crisp or seriously hungry?

Serving fresh food since 16th October 2016, we strive to source the best organic ingredients for our delicacies. We work hard to source premium ingredients and cook everything from scratch with love. Our dishes are rooted in tradition and filled with next-level ingredients that blend nostalgia and unexpected flavours.

One of our highest priorities for welcoming guests is doing it safely, with your wellbeing in mind. Guided by our purpose of care and experience delivering world-class food since 2016, our vision builds on our existing rigorous safety and cleanliness protocols in making delicious and healthy delicacies for you all. Your support of our vision for a healthy and safe restaurant has brought joy to our lives, and we hope we’ve got a little fun for you along the way. We are pleased to serve you, and we pledge to continue doing so!

Our Mission

Be constantly changing & evolving to remain the most preferred choice of food lovers

Our Vision

Our mission is to provide quality services that exceed customer expectations

Our Morals

  • Excellent Hospitality Service
  • Passion to delight Foodies
  • Caring for people Health
  • Contribute to Environmental Safety